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I often need to calculate the position of a number $n$ on a scale from $a$ to $b$, represented as a value between $0$ and $1$ (inclusive), as shown below: $$ p=\frac{n - a}{b - a} $$ Where $a \leq n \leq b \therefore 0 \leq p \leq 1$

Is there a general mathematical term for the percentage value $p$?

Edit: Alternatively, is there a name for the function I used? $$F(x)=\frac{x-a}{b-a}$$

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If $F(x)$ is the cumulative distribution function for the uniform distribution on $(a,b)$, then $p = F(n)$. I'm not aware of any special name for $p$. Although it's not the same thing, a somewhat related concept is a percentile link – sourisse Sep 19 '12 at 20:22
You can say that $p$ is the result of scaling $x$ in the interval $[a,b]$. – Pantelis Sopasakis Sep 20 '12 at 0:21

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