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Why do we need QR factorization? Is this used in any particular field?

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QR-decompostion based algorithm developed in 1950s is an efficient algorithm for computing the eigenvalues and eigenvectors of a matrix.A wiki link is provided here. – y zh Sep 18 '12 at 12:16
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$\def\R{\mathbb R}\def\norm#1{\left\|#1\right\|}\def\Mat{\mathrm{Mat}}$ QR-factorisation can, for example, be used to solve linear least squares approximation problems as follows: Given $n \le m$, $A \in \Mat_{m,n}(\R)$ with full rank $n$, $b \in \R^m$ \[ \mathrm{find}\ x \in \R^n : \norm{Ax - b}_2 = \min \] Computing the QR-factorisation of $A$, we write $A = QR$ with $Q \in O(m)$, $R \in \Mat_{m,n}(\R)$ upper triangular. Now, as the $2$-norm is invariant under multiplication with orthogonal matrices, \[ \norm{Ax- b}_2 = \norm{Q^{-1}Ax - Q^{-1}b}_2 = \norm{Rx - Q^{-1}b}_2 \] As $m \ge n$, $R$ is of the form $R = \begin{pmatrix} R' \\ 0\end{pmatrix}$ with $R' \in \Mat_n(\R)$ upper triangular. Writing $Q^{-1}b = \begin{pmatrix} y_1 \\ y_2\end{pmatrix}, x = \begin{pmatrix} x_1\\ x_2\end{pmatrix} \in \R^n \times \R^{m-n}$, we have \[ \norm{Ax - b}_2 = \sqrt{\norm{Rx_1 - y_1}^2 + \norm{y_2}^2} \] as $\mathop{\mathrm{rank}} R' = \mathop{\mathrm{rank}} A = n$, $R'$ is invertible and hence we need $x = R'^{-1}y_1$ for minimisation.

Another thing, QR factorisation can be useful for is numerical approximation of eigenvectors and -values of a symmetric matrix $A$. Let $A_0 = A$, $A_{k+1} = R_kQ_k$ with $A_k = Q_kR_k$ the QR-decomposition of $A$. One can show that $Q_k \to Q$ and $R_k \to \Lambda$ where $\Lambda$ contains the eigenvalues of $A$ along its diagonal and $Q$ the eigenvectors in its columns.

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QR algorithm is available for all square matrices,not just for symmetric matrices. – y zh Sep 18 '12 at 13:41
@yzhao You are right, but IIRC, it needn't converge for a general $A$, so I restricted the above to symmetric $A$s? – martini Sep 18 '12 at 13:43

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