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I am looking for a good online video resource to start studying Calculus. I am studying it alone, not part of any school or university. Trying to learn and enhance my mathematical skills. Thanks!

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This is not really a Mathematica question, or are you looking for a calculus video with Mathematica as tool? – ruebenko Sep 6 '12 at 6:45
I'm sorry if this is not the appropriate place. I wish to study mathematics. I was under the impression a math forum would be a good place to consult. I am not sure what it means 'a calculus video with Mathematica as tool' – vondip Sep 6 '12 at 6:48
Appreciate your effort, me too doing it alone, keep in touch. I feel MIT lectures should be good, but nothing can replace books :) – Vikram Oct 6 '12 at 4:41

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I would suggest the following:

I learned a lot from these lectures (not the ones in the link but the multivariable calculus ones) but these are just as good!

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The Kahn Academy has many mathematics video courses.

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You may find Adrian Banner's Calculus Lifesaver course useful. The series of 24+ videos are available at and are also provided on the iTunes Store as Podcasts. The quality of the videos is variable, but the exposition is thorough, and his style is engaging.

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In addition to the ones already mentioned by the other posters, I highly recommend you watch these excellent lectures by Selwyn Hollis.

As well, here are some hard to find videos corresponding to the 11th edition of Thomas Calculus that I enjoyed a long time ago. While the book links all appear to be dead, and not all of the videos work, most of the videos do work, and the deliverers are outstanding: Thomas.

I am surprised that the latter are still extant.

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The web site has a wide variety of entire courses in mathematics, especially in calculus (Not to mention history, philosophy, psychology, etc.). It's one of my favorite sites!

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I found this I myself used Tom Apostol's Calculus volume 1.(I am not really an expert ) [MIT Open courseware]

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Lectures from a calculus course taught by Edward Frenkel at UC Berkeley are available here:

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I studies Single variable calculus from Thomas Finney and currently doing Multi-variable calculus from Kenneth Kuttler.

NOTE: In Video lecture for Multi-variable Calculus by Edward Frenkel of UC berkeley, in the first lecture he is referring to an equation (function y=f(x)) and he says that there are 2 "independent" variables and 1 equation, so number of independent variables minus number of equations gives us the dimension.

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Gilbert Strang's Highlights of Calculus videos are probably good.

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The video lectures at the "best" schools tend to be less systematic and orderly. All are useful, but if you are using videos to self-teach I would suggest the UMKC calculus 1 lectures by Delaware. There is no live audience, and thus no stammering, no showing up and teaching off the top of one's head. More progressive and orderly.

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