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Is there a function to display large array on command prompt with displaying only part of it and waiting until user enters something from keyboard.

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For future reference: usage questions of (matlab), while on topic here, can often receive better/quicker attention (looking at the questions tagged ¨matlab¨, Ed Gorcenski´s quick and informative answer is unfortunately not yet the norm for such questions) if you ask somewhere like MatLab Central. (And who knows, maybe asking this question there would prompt them to code in such a feature.) – Willie Wong Sep 5 '12 at 14:08

There is no equivalent to the *nix more flag, sadly.

The quickest fix is to do the following:

k = 8; %number of columns to display
l = 20; %number of rows to display
for i=i:k:size(A,2)
    for j = 1:l:size(A,1)

Which will page the matrix row-wise first, then column-wise (swap the loops if you want the opposite).

You may also need to put in conditionals to handle index out of bounds, etc. but I chose not to clutter the code with that.

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