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I'm a software engineer with a keen interest in all sorts of artificial intelligence and machine learning applications, and also quantum computing.

Both areas require quite a bit of linear algebra and calculus, and I'm afraid mine is quite rusty.

I'm looking for a good source on either or both. I'm not exactly a stranger to them, I'm familiar with the basics (functions, basic matrix operations, and a bit of single variable calculus I can remember from high school), but I'm more of a logic & set theory guy.

Does anybody know of a good source that covers more than the basics, but isn't too technical? (I'm not a dedicated mathematician)

Much appreciated :)

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Are you looking for online sources, or books, or both? How much are you willing to spend? :P – Kirk Boyer Sep 4 '12 at 6:28
Online sources if one is available, but googling hasn't turned up much yet, so I'm open to the idea of books too :) – J.Ashworth Sep 4 '12 at 6:30… (Gilbert Strang's Intro to Linear Algebra) is pretty good; also, he uses code to illustrate ideas (in MATLAB and I think also FORTRAN), which might be up your alley. I'm not incredibly familiar with what calculus is needed for machine learning and quantum computing; do you know what level of calculus you'll be needing? – Kirk Boyer Sep 4 '12 at 6:40
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Linear Algebra

For video lectures, here is Gilbert Strang's video lectures. As a companion textbook, Linear Algebra Done Wrong by Sergei Treil is a great resource despite its name.

For traditional textbooks, I'm sure these questions are good resources:

What is a good book to study linear algebra?

Linear Algebra Textbook


Paul's online math notes may be a good place to start for a free calculus textbook. Here are MIT's video lectures on single variable calculus.

For traditional textbooks, I'm sure this question will give a panoply of suggestions:

suggest textbook on calculus

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