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I earn the amount 100 per hour. I currently have an excel sheet, that calculates my total number of hours x 100.

When I have worked more than 7.5 hour, I go into overtime, which means that i earn 150 instead. How do I add that to my excel function?

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You didn't come to the ideal site for this sort of help, but what you could do is look up the syntax for IF statements and make your cell compute something like this:

IF hours.today > 7.5 THEN 100*7.5+150*(hours.today-7.5) OTHERWISE 100*hours.today

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The simplest relationship to encode in Excel is probably

$\mathrm{earnings} = \min(x,7.5)*100 + \max(x-7.5,0)*150$

(Excel has max and min functions. Plug in your cell ranges where $x$ is.)

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