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If $|b| \ge 1$ and $x=-|a|b$, then which one of the following is necessarily true?

(1)$a-xb \lt 0$

(2)$a-xb \ge 0$

(3)$a-xb \gt 0$

(4)$a-xb \le 0$

$|b|\ge 1$, means if $b$ is positive then, $b \ge 1$, else $b \le -1$

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$a-xb=a+|a|b\cdot b=a+|a|b^2$

If $a≤0,|a|=-a=>a-xb=(-a)(b^2-1)$ which is clearly $≥0$ as $b^2≥1$ as $|b|≥1$ assuming $b$ is real.

If $a>0, |a|=a=>a-xb=a(b^2+1)$ which is >0

So. $a-xb≥0$

Alternatively, $a-xb=a+|a|b\cdot b=a+|a|b^2≥a+|a|$ as $b^2≥1$ as $|b|≥1$ assuming $b$ is real.

which is 0 if $a≤0$,

and if $a>0$, $a-xb≥2a>0$

So. $a-xb≥0$

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