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I have a circle with A as a center, B and C 2 points on the circle. I have the coordinates of A (the center) and B (the point on the circle). How can I find the coordinates of C (another point on the circle knowing that the angle BAC is 0.384 rad (or 22 degrees). The Y axe is upside down (see picture http://i.stack.imgur.com/4Vp4W.jpg)

So I have (Xa, Ya) and (Xb, Yb) and I need to find (Xc, Yc) respecting the given axis.


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Consider the angle formed between line(AC) and the x-axis. The picture you provided shows point B on the x-axis which is not necessarily the case. The x-distance from point A would be the radius*sin(angle) The y-distance from point A would be the radius*cos(angle)

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