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I am new to using Pari and don't do much programming and am wondering if anyone knows how to run scripts for it. I am a Mac user. Thanks!

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There is a site called Rosetta Code where I have written about 300 scripts covering basic and not-so-basic tasks in GP (the PARI/GP scripting language). See


and scroll down for the tasks. Under each task click on "PARI/GP" in the Table of Contents (or on some other language to see the task in that language).

At the top of the page there are a number of links, including several tutorials. You may find the combination of the tutorials and the specific programs to be useful. In any case I may be able to answer specific questions, or you can send them to the PARI Users mailing list.

Note that I did not write all of the programs, but I did write most of the PARI/GP programs on that site.

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