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I want to try to emulate what this application can do:

alt text

Given the red round dots (from the mouse) it is able to solve for the bezier handles given that the tension of the curve is set to $0.6$. How could I solve for the bezier handles? Is there some way I could do this with the slope or perpendicular of the previous and next curve?


*I should also add that each point is equidistant meaning point $i + 1$ is the distance to point $i$ or point $i + 2$.

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From the graphic, it appears that the handles at a given point $p_k$ are parallel to the line through $p_{k-1}$ and $p_{k+1}$ and that the lengths of the handles at every point are equal. I suspect that the length of the handles is determined by the "tension" that you mention.

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Thanks :)...... –  Johnny Aug 6 '10 at 2:10

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