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Having some very basic and theoretical knowledge about these topics from my study, I'm looking for a book (or other good sources) that explains the stuff from a practical point of view. On the one hand, it should cover state-of-the-art modeling and solving techniques for Combinatorial Optimization Problems with a focus on Integer Programs (like Column Generation), with some real world examples from OR. On the other hand it should be suitable for brushing up basic knowledge, preferably self-contained.

I've googled a bit and found these books so far some of which look reasonable. As they aren't cheap, I would appreciate some advise which one would be the right one for my purposes. Recommendations on other books/resources are appreciated as well, of course.

(As newbies are only allowed to post at most 2 links, I've added the Amazon product ids instead of the link)

  • Integer Programming - Mathematics and its Applications (9048140684)

  • Model Building in Mathematical Programming (0471997889)

  • Applied Integer Programming: Modeling and Solution (0470373067)

  • Integer Programming (0471283665)

  • Integer and Combinatorial Optimization (0471359432)

  • Introduction to Linear Optimization (1886529191)

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