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How to input such system alt text into maple so that it would solve it?

BTW we some part of system will be given to us, which we do not know certainly - may be some $A_i$'s may be some $B_i$'s as constants. We do not know how much constants we will get. And we would need from given constants get a solution for other $a$'s and $b$'s. In real life we will be provided with $s$ as a constant but I hoped for general solution=)

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So, $2k+2$ variables $\alpha_i$ and $\beta_i$ and $s+1$ equations? – J. M. Dec 26 '10 at 1:40
kind of so it would have to outpot parametrized solution=) – Kabumbus Dec 26 '10 at 1:43
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Apparently you want your solution be parametrized in $k,s$. I don't think Maple can do that. What you need to do is to solve this linear system for some particular $k, s$ and hopefully you can discern a pattern.

You can solve linear systems using the linear algebra package: >with(LinearAlgebra); or >with(linalg); the last one is deprecated.

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Maple questions would be better posted at but if you must know how to input this system in Maple, this will do:

sys := (k, s) -> {add(i*alpha[i], i = 1 .. k)-add(beta[i], i = 1 .. k), add(alpha[i], i = 0 .. k), seq(add(i^eta*alpha[i], i = 1 .. k)-add(i^(eta-1)*beta[i], i = 1 .. k), eta = 2 .. s)};

Next you can use the command subs to substitute the known values of the alpha_i and/or beta_i. As others pointed here: Maple may solve this system only if k and s are given.

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