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Calculation of a most probable value based on multiple probability distributions

We want to solve a problem like this one:

Random Variable: Number of hairs on the head of a person
Probability Distribution 1: Number of hairs depending on gender
Probability Distribution 2: Number of hairs dependent on age
Probability Distribution 3: Number of hairs dependent on hair color

Now I want to calculate the most  expected value for the number 
of hairs for a 34 years old, blonde woman. 

I have tried to solve the problem with SPSS but I could not. Which software is able to solve such problems?

PS. if you understand the problem and know the name of the software, I would be very grateful for your answer. Corrections to the question and theoretical controversies are unnecessary.

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R, Stata, MATLAB, and good ol' computation by hand are all capable of performing this calculation.

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