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Given a point A with coordinates (a,b) ; a point B with coordinates (c,d) , I want to find a point C's coordinate (x,y) ,with C lying on the line joining A and B and C is at a distance Dist from point A. This is the representation

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You will want to use Linear Interpolation. You can interpolate both the x and y coordinate independently. Let $\alpha = Dist/\sqrt{(c-a)^2+(d-b)^2}$. Then the interpolated point is given by:

$$x = a + \alpha(c-a)$$


$$y = b + \alpha(d-b)$$

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You will want to use linear interpolation. You can interpolate both the $x$ and $y$ coordinate independently. Let a = dist (c-a)2+(d-b)2.Then then the interpolated point is given by:


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Please edit your inline equation using the proper markup: this way it is not too clear and it looks like two different objects are called with the same name a. – MattAllegro Aug 25 '14 at 8:59

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