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Can somebody recomend me a software(preferably free) to draw a graphic like this:


I have downloaded GeoGebra, but it seems I can't use it to draw such a graphic.

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inkscape is free, and if you're dedicated, it can be used to make graphics such as these. It's inbuilt latex support is a bit poor, but these are things that one gets used to. – mixedmath May 7 '12 at 17:00
Also you should be able to draw something like this in GeoGebra – example May 7 '12 at 18:20
Dia is free and should allow this too. – picakhu May 7 '12 at 18:30

Inkscape is a general purpose open source vector graphics tool, available for all the standard platforms. I have used it for a few years. It works moderately well with LaTeX, and the price is right. Using Inkscape to produce a picture like the one you posted would be routine. Some fiddling might need to be done to get good positioning of labels.

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