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wizards with all your mental esoterica. I'm a lowly peasant who never took more than high-school precal. Here is my question:

I've got an equation:

margY = (imageHeight + (2*margY))*mYRatio;

margY is on both sides of this equation. I'd like to get it on one side by itself. In a sense, taking the recursivity out of the definition of margY. Is this a mathematical chimera? Sounds like a mystical achievement. But my lowly mind sniffs a vague intuition that there is some algabraic manipulation for it, just too lowly to figure it out.

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You have

$$ \text{margY} = \text{imageHeight} \text{*} \text{mYRatio} + 2\text{margY}\text{*}\text{mYRatio}, $$ so

$$ \text{margY} - 2\text{margY}\text{*}\text{mYRatio}= \text{imageHeight} \text{*} \text{mYRatio} , $$ so $$ \text{margY}(1 - 2\text{*}\text{mYRatio})= \text{imageHeight} \text{*} \text{mYRatio} , $$ and thus $$ \text{margY}= \frac{\text{imageHeight} \text{*} \text{mYRatio}}{1 - 2\text{*}\text{mYRatio}} , $$ provided that mYRatio is not $1/2$.

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wow,very straight forward. – Colin Brogan Apr 29 '12 at 17:44
I guess I could have done that with basic algebra knowledge, didn't think it all the way through. – Colin Brogan Apr 29 '12 at 18:44

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