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I am familiar with the conjugate function of the vector norm, which uses the concept of dual norm and is defined as follows:

$\|\mathbf{y}\|_p^*=\max_{\mathbf{x}}\left(\mathbf{x}^T\mathbf{y}-\|\mathbf{x}\|_p\right)=\begin{cases}0~~~\|\mathbf{y}\|_q\leq 1\\\infty ~~~\text{otherwise},\end{cases}$

where $\frac{1}{p}+\frac{1}{q}=1$ for $p\geq 1$.

My question is:

Is there an equivalent conjugate function for the mixed matrix norm $\|\mathbf{A}\|_{p,q}$ defined for matrix $\mathbf{A}$?

$\|\mathbf{A}\|_{p,q}=\left(\sum_i \|\mathbf{a}_i\|_p^q\right)^{1/q}$ where $\mathbf{a}_i$ is the $i^{\text{th}}$ column of matrix $\mathbf{A}$.

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