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Is Knopp's Theory and Application of Infinite Series out of date? It's looks terrific to me, but the Dover edition I bought new maybe a year ago: http://preview.tinyurl.com/2eprqps seems to be the same as an edition published in 1951 and may go back as far as 1921. 60 or 90 years is a lot of math years. How about it? Does my book leave out some important developments? Is it old-fashioned in some other ways?

I've seen this question: what is the current state of the art in methods of summing "exotic" series? but it doesn't have a full answer yet.


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Konrad Knopp's books are nice to read and the results still holds. I remember some strange "hunt" for a "convergence border" in that book, which is a bit absurd to me..

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Thanks. I thought that surely there would be developments in this area in the 60 years or more since publication that the modern reader should know about. None? Only a few? Actually, I hope there aren't, because I can see the book becoming one of my favorites. –  NotSuper Nov 30 '10 at 16:11

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