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I've been mixing up my reading with a little category theory. When thinking about dual modules, this idea popped up.

Suppose $M$ and $N$ are modules over some commutative ring $A$. Suppose $M^\vee$ denotes the dual module of $M$, that is, $M^\vee=\operatorname{Hom}_A(M,A)$.

Is there an example of such $M$ and $N$ so that the natural homomorphism $M^\vee\otimes N\to\text{Hom}_A(M,N)$ is not a monomorphism (not injective)? Thanks.

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Dear Buble, Did you try any examples? E.g. with $A = \mathbb Z$ and $M = N$? Regards, –  Matt E Mar 11 '12 at 4:28

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