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How to generate an orthogonal matrix in Octave?

I saw something like that


in matlab, but I can't find any similar function in Octave.


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For those of you who land here today, octave has been extended since the answer was given. There is now a gallery("orthog",n,k) command in octave; see doc gallery. However, it should be noted that for a given n, the matrix returned is fixed. It is not random. – Armadillo Jim Jul 27 at 20:54

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  1. You can apply QR to a given random matrix: [q, r] = qr (a). The matrix q will be orthogonal.
  2. You can use orthogonal basis computation: Q = orth(A) on a random matrix A.
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Thanks a lot :) – skorek Mar 5 '12 at 23:55

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