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I am searching for an application (window preferred but linux, mac are possible too).

The application would be used to redraw a bezier-curve over an hand-drawn image. I have multiple images with 2 curves on it to redraw.

What I need at the end are the coordinates of every point and its control points. To make calculation based on the curves.

In the past I drawn the curves with Photoshop and searched the coordinates manually. Now I search the proper application to do such things.

Short Question
Does an application exists with which I can draw bezier curves over an image and export the coordinates of all the points easily?

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You could do this pretty easily with Inkscape. Import your bitmap image, and then use the curves tool to draw on to of it.

Then, save the file, and you'll get SVG, which is actually easily-parsed XML. (It's even readable by hand if you just open it in a text editor.)

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