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While this is a simple question, I'm totally lost. Is there any general formula for generation of n-point gaussian quadrature over a triangle?

I'll use this formula to generate a variable-point (7, 10, 13, ...) gaussian quadrature tables for triangle and use it to take integrals of many triangles. In my case, simulation results are not precise enough when integrals taken with 7 point tables.

If any direct answer is unlikely, any nudge in the right direction is also very welcome.

Thanks in advance.

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This paper contains tables for up to $13$ points. It says that "the equations [...] are highly non-linear and their solution is not straightforward", so unless progress has been made on that since 1972, it seems you won't get a general formula. – joriki Feb 20 '12 at 10:00
@joriki Thanks a lot! I will use this. Also, the references may help. If I can find the formulations I may also write a small code to compute them for me. Will update here If I make any progress on the matter. – bayindirh Feb 20 '12 at 12:15

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