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i have a question to special cases of Sasaki-manifolds. Let $(M, g, \xi, \eta, \Phi)$ a Sasaki-manifold.

In special case maybe $M=S^{2m+1} \cong \mathbb{C}^{m+1}$. This is a Sasaki manifold. But what is $\Phi$?

Analogous: Let $M=\mathbb{R}^{2m+1}$, it is also Sasaki, but what is $\xi$ or $\Phi$?

Thanks and best regards Ronald

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Can someone help me? – Ronald Müller Nov 20 '10 at 12:05
Have you tried reading the Wikipedia page for Sasakian manifolds? Does that not providethe information you're looking for? You haven't told us what your notation is supposed to mean so your question isn't clear. – Ryan Budney Nov 21 '10 at 22:14

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