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Can anyone recommend a calculus review site on the web? I just signed up for MITx's on-line 6.002 and while there will be remedial differential equation help offered in the first half of the course, it's been over 25 years since I took Diff Eq.

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Khan Academy & OCW come to mind. However, there are hundreds of youtube videos which do a good job at explaining fundamentals of Calculus. Its hard to point out the best but you can try listening to the first 15 mins of each playlist to see which suits your taste and background.

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This more a comprehensive set of notes, not a review; but Paul's online math notes is an excellent site for online coverage of the math courses usually offered in the first two years of college. It includes algebra, the calculus sequence, differential equations, and linear algebra. The notes there are for his courses at Lamar University.

It also has many other useful things such as "cheat sheets" and problem sets with solutions.

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MIT's OCW,their recitation courses helps a lot. Just head to ItuneU and download MIT courses.

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